Get your clients a better LTV?

Lifetime mortgage clients may want to borrow as much as possible, giving them the flexibility to access funds in the future without needing to apply for a top-up loan, or to lock-in current house values.

The flexibility of the Just For You Lifetime Mortgage includes access to some of the highest loan to values (LTVs) available.

For lifetime mortgage clients looking to access more funds, one of our Just For You Lifetime Mortgage options could be the answer.

Enhanced LTV

By answering a few extra health and lifestyle questions, a client’s personal LTV will be calculated based on their medical age, rather than their birth age. This could result in access to more funds.

To find out more about enhanced LTV:

  • Read Charlie Woods’ story to find out how an enhanced LTV allows him to release an extra £9,900;
  • Take a look at our infographic to see some interesting facts and insights on enhanced LTV;

  • Use our medical enhancement calculator to see how clients’ health and lifestyle could influence the maximum amount available to them.

J6 LTV series

This allows clients access to one of the highest LTVs in the market without providing health and lifestyle information.

And, by opting for the cashback feature of up to 5% of the initial advance, clients can potentially release even more funds.

To find out more about our J6 LTV series read Frances Knight’s story to see how the J6 series with cashback option allows her to get a higher LTV and an extra £10,250.