Market insight

From far-reaching reforms to customer vulnerability, we’ve brought together research papers from Just and external experts to help support your understanding of the retirement income market, and the challenges those operating in it face.

Retirement Leaders’ Summit

This annual event brings together C-suite executives, senior policy makers and academics from across the retirement sector to explore one of the industry’s major concerns.

To see a selection of materials giving insights into agendas and outputs of recent summits, click here.

Social Care: Coronavirus – can the catastrophe be a catalyst?

This research was carried out in two sections: soon after the 2019 General Election, and during the coronavirus lockdown.

It found high levels of confusion among over-45s on government announcements about care policy, and, regardless of how they voted, people had similar ideas about the fairness of funding solutions. Read this report to find out more.

Dealing with vulnerable customers: the industry response

This is the first in-depth look at the progress firms have made, and how best to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

Amongst our key findings were that, overall, firms reported fewer than 5% of customers being vulnerable, and some firms less than 1%. The FCA believes that around 50% of consumers could be vulnerable. Read our 2019 report to find out more.

Annuities reinvented: Are annuities the missing asset class for sustainable drawdown solutions?

Milliman’s actuarial and financial risk management teams carried out comprehensive research to understand whether including annuities within the retirement “asset mix” improves income sustainability, but still offer competitive death benefits. Discover how the income sustainability from bonds compares with annuities.