Defined Benefit Solutions Team

Pretty Sagoo - Managing Director of DB Solutions

Pretty leads the Defined Benefit Solutions team and is a member of the Group Executive Committee reporting to David Richardson. A subject-matter expert in bulk annuities she has significant practical experience in driving change, innovation and creating sustainable growth.

Joined from Athora in 2022, the specialist insurance and reinsurance group, where she was head of new business and pensions. Previously head of pricing and execution for Pension Risk Transfer at L&G and head of insurance and pensions solutions at Deutsche Bank.

The initial point of contact for all advisors, trustees and reinsurers. Our aim is to structure and deliver de-risking solutions that are flexible, convenient and meet the needs of trustees and their sponsors.

As well as participating in bulk annuity tenders for transactions from £10m to over £1bn, we work with trustees to help you prepare for a bulk annuity by providing indicative or guaranteed pricing and price monitoring.

 Rob Mechem

Rob Mechem - Director of Commercial

01737 233 307 - 

  • A qualified life insurance actuary, Rob’s actuarial expertise helps ensure we’re asking the right questions so we maximise value for trustees and advisers.
  • Joined from Aviva in 2014.
  • Outside work, Rob is a keen marathon runner.
 Peter Jennings

Peter Jennings - Head of DB Sales

01737 827 381 -

  • Responsible for a panel of key advisers and our streamlined quotation process. Joined from another part of Just Group in 2017.
  • Previously individual annuity product manager.
  • Outside work, Pete can be up at all hours following American football, looking after his twins or cycling.
 Martin Parker

Martin Parker - Senior Business Development Manager

01737 308 739 -

  • Responsible for a panel of key advisers.
  • Joined in 2012 and has worked in bulk annuities since 1993 including business development at Prudential and advising trustees at Mercer.
  • Outside work, Martin supports Southampton and loves music.
 Andrea Collins

Andrea Collins - Head of Trustee Relationships

01737 308 992 –

  • Supports professional and other trustees at existing and new schemes through their de-risking journeys.
  • A qualified actuary, joined from the Pension Protection Fund in 2019.
  • Outside work, Andrea is keen on socialising with good food and wine.
 Prashant Mehta

Prashant Mehta - Head of Reinsurance Relationships

01737 233 349 -

  • Responsible for relationships with reinsurers.
  • A qualified pensions actuary, joined from Aon in 2012 when the DB team was being established at Just.
  • Outside work, Prash focuses on his young family.

Our aim is to expedite the journey to ongoing administration, and eventual buyout, making the journey as smooth as possible.

The point of contact for trustees and their administrators after the bulk annuity contract is signed. We manage the overall process and help them complete the data cleanse so schemes can proceed to ongoing administration and the issue of individual policies for a buyout.

Heather Vaughan.jpg

Heather Vaughan - Director of Data & Transitions

01737 233 060 –

  • Joined in 2012 when the DB team was being established to build our operational capability including our transition and administration functions. Previously held senior operational roles at Prudential, Paternoster and Rothesay Life.
  • Has extensive industry experience in transitioning and managing pension schemes of all sizes including transactions in excess of £1bn.
  • Outside work, Heather enjoys the gym, skiing and travelling.

Louise Ellisdon - Relationship & Transition Senior Manager

01737 308 997 –

  • Leads the transition team, she is the key contact for all trustees and EBCs for data cleanse and transition activity. Joined Just in 2013, managing the new business teams for individual annuity products before moving to the DB team 2020.
  • Her team of relationship managers are responsible for planning and managing scheme transitions from contract negotiations through to the end of data cleanse.
  • Outside work, Louise enjoys reading, travelling and fine dining, and has a love for all animals, especially her dog who is often spotted on Teams snoozing behind her whilst she works.

Tom Jobbings - Transition Relationship Manager

01737 827 826 –

  • Joined Just in 2021, bringing 15 years’ experience in retirement products and services.
  • Outside of work Tom enjoys good food and wine and can also be found trying to hit a ball on a golf course but not always successfully.

Michael Herd - Transition Relationship Manager

01737 233 133 –

  • Joined Just in 2012, moving to DB Solutions in 2015. Previously managed the DB Solutions Underwriting proposition.
  • Outside work, Michael enjoys spending time with his young family, going to the gym and dabbling in the odd bit of house or car related DIY.

Alma Goyanes-Payne - Transition Relationship Manager

01737 827 781 –

  • Joined Just in 2018 working in the individual annuity area as a lead administrator, moving to DB Solutions in 2021.
  • Outside work, Alma enjoys going travelling, long walks with her dog and occasionally going for a swim.


Sara Reed - Transition Relationship Manager

01737 232 864

  • Joined Just in 2019, working within the retail sales department as a Business Development Manager promoting Just’s retirement solutions before moving to DB Solutions in 2023.
  • Outside work, Sara enjoys exploring new cuisines, discovering new places and spoiling her dog with toys and treats.

The focus of this team is to ensure we retain our identity as a provider of consistent and inclusive service for trustees and members.

Following completion of the transition process, this team deliver a comprehensive package of ongoing support. This includes the management of the monthly scheme payment cycle at buy-in and of our administrator Mercer to ensure we deliver a great experience for members after buyout.

Laura Pertile

Laura Pertile - Director of Member & Operational Services

01737 233 044 - Laura. 

  • Joined in 2020 to enhance the implementation services and member experience.
  • Laura has experience in operational roles for several pension providers and previously held senior operations roles at Equiniti, L&G and was Head of Customer Services at Retirement Advantage.
  • Outside work, Laura enjoys sailing, travelling and cooking.
Alex Collins

Alex Collins - Head of Member & Client Services

01737 308 741 - 

  • Responsible for the oversight and relationship with our third-party administrators which includes monitoring the service delivery, quality control and development of service enhancements.
  • Joined Just in February 2018 with over 19 years’ experience in DB pensions for a number of third-party administrators.
  • Outside work, Alex enjoys travel and socialising.
Chris Hall

Chris Hall - Head of Implementation Services

01737 233 347 - 

  • Works closely with the Transition team to support scheme data cleanse activities and then, he’s responsible for setting up each scheme with our third party administrator.
  • Chris and his team are also the point of contact for schemes moving to buyout. Joined from another part of Just in 2014.
  • Outside work, Chris is a keen sports fan, you will often find him at a non-league football ground at the weekend.
Gareth Rees

Gareth Rees - Senior Implemenation Manager

01737 233 243  - 

  • Leads creation and issuing of individual polices at buyout.
  • Joined Just in 2005 and has 20 years of experience in retirement products and services.
  • Outside work, Gareth enjoys spending time with his family and is also a keen runner, clocking-up many miles each week.
Sherry Thorngate

Sherry Thorngate - Head of True-Up

01737 233 242 - 

  • A qualified actuary, responsible for progressing true-ups and other individual member request calculations.
  • Joined in 2014 from Towers Watson and worked in the pricing team until late 2022.
  • Outside work, Sherry loves gardening, riding her Peloton bike and cooking for friends and family.