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You'll find a variety of information to help both you and your clients find out more about our lifetime mortgage product.

Interest serviced support
Who's servicing interest and why? (1314654) NEW  Infographic - Our new analysis shows what interest serviced clients look like and why they chose a lifetime mortgage.
Why is servicing interest so interesting (1313930) Infographic - Find out why the servicing interest option could be the solution for clients wanting to reduce the build-up of debt.
 A need for Interest Serviced in the lifetime mortgage market (1313887)  Article -  Plugging the interest only gap.
 Interest serviced calculator  Tool - Could your clients benefit from making monthly payments with a reduction to the roll-up interest rate?
Tom and Anna Hill's story (1313948A) Case studyFind out how the Just For You Lifetime Mortgage can help raise funds to repay an interest only mortgage.
Christopher Spencer's story (1313948B)  Case study - Find out how the Just For You Lifetime Mortgage can provide an early gift whilst helping to protect some inheritance value.
Cashback support
Cashback calculator Tool - See how your clients can use cashbacks to access more funds, or possibly reduce the cost of borrowing.
Candace Smith's story (1314285B)  Case study - Find out how flexible cashback can lead to less interest in year one by £1,560.
Frank Brooks' story (1314362)  Case study - Find out flexible cashback can help overcome downgrade in property value.
General support
Coronavirus - how the lifetime mortgage market is responding (1314746) - NEW Article - read how the lifetime mortgage market is responding to the current government restrictions.
What do lifetime mortgage clients look like? (1314138)  Infographic - Take a look at how lifetime mortgage clients differ across the country.
Equity release - a spotters guide (1313759) Sales aidIt's important to build equity release into the financial planning process.
Lifetime mortgages mythbusters  (1313420)  Sales aid - If you think equity release is best avoided, it's time to think again.
Lifetime mortgages v RIOMs - what's the difference (1313798)  Sales aid - There are some important differences to consider when deciding the best option for your clients.
The alternatives to equity release (1311760) Sales aid - It's important to consider your options - we've created a summary of the possible alternatives.
Understanding features and benefits (1313905)  Sales aid - Find out about a wide range of flexible options and features.
Helping your clients realise their untapped wealth (1313523) Article - Why clients could release equity tied up in their home to further enhance their lifestyle.
 Allan and Lisa Lim's story (1313992)  Case studyFind out how the Just For You Lifetime Mortgage can help a couple wanting to fund a conservatory now and a campervan later.
Graham and Carol Jackson's story (1313994)  Case study - Find out how the Just For You Lifetime Mortgage can help a couple realise their dream holiday and update their home.