Drawdown toolkit

Welcome to our Drawdown Toolkit. Get instant access to online resources that are designed to provide ongoing support when reviewing drawdown business with your clients.

The Drawdown review process

Your review process is important and here we look at some of the steps for clients who have just taken their tax free lump sum and those who are drawing an income.

Drawdown review process
Zero income drawdown review process It's important to have the correct benchmark income to compare against. Here we look at the relevance of a fully underwritten guaranteed income for life



These tools help you model the sustainability of income, calculate the Critical Yield and demonstrate your clients' possible longevity.

Critical yield calculators >

Our bespoke critical yield tools will give you an indication of what your client's critical yield might be - incorporating the impact of your client's health conditions.

Drawdown risk calculator >

This calculator helps you to model the sustainability of taking an income through drawdown.

Longevity calculator >

Here we model how long your client may live.


Triggering the Drawdown review process

These documents can be used with your clients to help you understand their needs and will help identify areas that should be considered as part of the review process.

Triggering the drawdown review process
Zero income drawdown triage letter Identify if your client wants to take an income or change their investment strategy.