Award categories

There are four prestigious award categories, each with a Winner and two Highly Commended awards. Please click the categories below for more information and entry forms.

This category recognises excellent support provided to a client who has been or is experiencing vulnerability.

We want to hear your real life stories of how you identified a client who is/was experiencing vulnerability, describe the situation, how you supported them, how this was received by your client (and, where relevant, their wider family), the outcome and current situation. 

Tell us why you’re proud of this outcome.

Please hide client identity/s by using a pseudonym or keeping it anonymous.

There will be three awards: Winner and two Highly Commended


This category recognises innovative and/or effective use of data and technology to advance the customer vulnerability agenda.

It’s not necessarily about large scale initiatives. We’re more interested in how firms are using their data and IT resources, to get closer to and better serve their customers who may be experiencing vulnerability.

Tell us how you've used your existing data, or how you've gathered and stored new data, to advance your customer vulnerability agenda. Or how you’ve used technology to identify or support clients experiencing vulnerability. 

These can be simple steps to segment clients or highlight potential risks – you don’t need to have created a new piece of artificial intelligence to win this award.

There will be three awards: Winner and two Highly Commended


This category recognises the outstanding progress within individual firms of different sizes:

  • Up to five advisers
  • Six to 19 advisers
  • 20+ advisers

Each group offers three awards: Winner and two Highly Commended.

Tell us the whole story; the big and little picture.

Tell us about your policy development and who’s involved/responsible, your training and education across the firm, how you’re monitoring policy effectiveness and how you’re helping your clients, and the practical steps you’re taking to make a difference now or in the future.


This category recognises individuals who’ve gone the extra mile to mobilise the customer vulnerability agenda in your firm. What sets them apart from others? How long have they been doing it and what’s the impact?

You can nominate yourself or another colleague. 

We’re interested in hearing your story, to learn what you did and why, how you did it, how it was received by your colleagues and clients. 

We want to celebrate your achievements.

There will be three awards: Winner and two Highly Commended



Entries are open until Friday 22 July 2022. The category Winners and Highly Commended awards will be announced in September 2022.