Valuations and lending criteria during the coronavirus pandemic

We're pleased to confirm that physical valuations are still available in all UK regions. Our valuation processes at the current time is as follows:

Physical valuations

A physical valuation will be instructed for all new applications, further advances and ports. To ensure the safety of our customers, our surveyors will carry out a risk assessment at the time of booking an appointment.

Please see our Lending Criteria.

Desktop valuations

If a customer is considered clinically vulnerable, and a physical inspection can't be safely carried out, please refer prior to submitting an application to see if a desktop valuation with an external inspection of the property can be considered.

Where a desktop valuation has been carried out, the loan will be subject to full underwriting assessment and the following criteria will apply:  

  • For J3, J4 and J5 LTV series, a 5% reduction to the property valuation will apply (desktop valuations are not available for the J6 LTV series)
  • A full physical valuation will be required in the future (at Just expense)
  • An additional property questionnaire and photos of the property are to be provided
  • Loans for home improvements/essential repairs can't be considered under desktop criteria
  • Where loans are for non-essential reasons, the loan amount may be reduced until a full inspection can be carried out.

Please see our Acceptable Properties Guide for Desktop Valuations.

 Physical Inspections Explained

We understand that some customers may be uncertain about the safety of internal property surveys during the coronavirus pandemic. To help reassure them, please refer to this Helpful Information document and a short video from Countrywide to explain the process.