Personal underwriting - the way forward

At Just, we’re always refining our underwriting practice.

We can provide everyone with a rate based on their individual circumstances. It’s time to stop guessing if a client will ‘qualify’ for an enhanced rate. ‘New Thinking’ means underwriting every client.

Take a look at some of the areas we consider:

Marital status

A number of studies suggest that marital status can impact life expectancy, so we include this in assessing someone’s personal circumstances. 

Height and weight

Obesity is a major health risk and this has featured as an underwriting factor for some time, but much more subtle differences in height and weight can also have a bearing on life expectancy.

Having a low BMI can also effect a client’s rate.


The amount we can drink safely has been steadily reducing as studies reveal that even modest amounts of alcohol can be harmful. 

Our underwriting takes into account the amount of alcohol consumed. And you may be surprised to learn that even zero consumption can in certain circumstances enhance rates.