Lifetime Mortgages Literature

Our current lifetime mortgage literature is shown below.

For existing policies, different terms and conditions may apply depending on when your client took out their lifetime mortgage. Please refer to the lifetime mortgage documentation they were given at the time of completion, or contact us >

Adviser facing 
Just For You Green Lifetime Mortgage (1314846) - NEW  Find out how clients with energy efficient homes could benefit from the Just For You Lifetime Mortgage green feature.
Lifetime Mortgage quote request form (1314229) Fill out this form for a lifetime mortgage quote from us.
Lifetime Mortgage Medical Questionnaire (1314230) Only needed in conjuction with the lifetime mortgage quote form.
Additional Property Questionnaire (1314682) Questionnaire to enable remote desktop property valuations.
Lifetime Mortgage Application form editable version (1313735) Apply for one of our lifetime mortgages. This version of the application form includes editable fields.
Our Lifetime Mortgage 'at a glance' (1313746)
Our lifetime mortgage product, at a glance.
Acceptable Properties Guide - Full Valuations (1314758) Find out if your client's property meets our requirements to apply for a lifetime mortgage.
Acceptable Properties Guide - Desktop Valuations (1314759) Find out if your client's property meets our desktop requirements to apply for a lifetime mortgage.
Technical guide to Lifetime Mortgages (1313740) A technical guide to our lifetime mortgages.
Customer facing 
Lifetime Mortgages guide (1313752) A guide to help customers understand the basics.
Early repayment charge (1313742)
Explaining the early repayment charges.
Cash facility guide (1313743) A guide to releasing more funds for customers of our drawdown lifetime mortgage.
Porting Guide (1312385) Transferring your lifetime mortgage to a new property.
Tariff of charges (1311851) A useful list and description of the charges payable on your client's lifetime mortgage.
Terms and Conditions (1313734) The terms and conditions for our policy.
Top 10 tips when considering ER (1311788) Find out how equity release can create a more comfortable retirement for you and your family.