Equity Release Referral Service

Designed to support you as you provide a more complete service to your clients, the Equity Release Referral Service is provided by HUB Financial Solutions Limited, and can offer advice on lifetime mortgages.

This service is ideal for those intermediaries who are not active in the equity release market but have a client that could benefit from including a lifetime mortgage as part or all of their retirement income solution.

Service summary:

  • Customer-friendly, specialist financial advice solely on equity release, delivering a customer-focused and competitive selected provider proposition. Recommendations are based upon the solid foundation of a genuine and deep understanding of the customer's needs.
  • A simple process for intermediaries to give their clients access to a competitive equity release service, which is provided by qualified and experienced advisers focusing solely on equity release.
  • Our advisers will not cross sell other products.

To use the referral service, your client will need to meet the criteria:

    • applicants must be over 55 (youngest applicant if a couple)
    • own a UK based home of standard construction

Requirements for referring

  • The home must be worth at least £70,000 (minimum age and property values may vary between product providers).

If your client decides to take out a plan, there will be a fee of £1,100 for advice and arranging an equity release plan HUB Financial Solutions recommends. Your client will only be charged if they decide to take out a plan. The HUB Financial Solutions advice carries no obligation.

How does it work?

First, you need to have a signed introducer agreement in place with HUB Financial Solutions before they can release your commission payments. Please contact HUB Financial Solutions on 01737 233 412 or email hfs.salessupport@hubfs.com and HUB Financial Solutions can provide this to you. To make this more convenient, they will process it at the same time as your referral.

Once your signed introducer agreement is received (agreeing to the HUB Financial Solutions terms of business) and you complete a referral form with both your and your client's details, HUB Financial Solutions can then:

  • contact your client and take them through the purchase process
  • ensure that you receive updates on progress
  • release your agreed commission on completion, and
  • give a guarantee that there will be no cross selling.

Once you are registered as an introducer, you can submit a referral online.